Our habits are the foundation of who we are and how we live, and they can be heavily influenced by our environment and the community we live in. As an added bonus, our habits can greatly affect our environment even on a small scale… it all adds up!

  1. Get outside every day, bring your dog or other family members with you — nature has a way of healing
  2. Choose parking spots that will maximize your steps to the building
  3. Take the stairs when you can
  4. Choose to ride your bike, walk or take transit to reach a destination when you can
  5. Transition to non-toxic products in your house (skincare/personal products, make-up, cleaning products, remove plastic food containers from your home)
  6. Go herbicide and pesticide-free (choose organic as much as you can)
  7. Install and use a rain barrel to water your lawn and indoor plants
  8. Cut your phantom load, which is any device that uses electricity when turned off but still plugged into the wall
  9. Eat less meat and more organic fruits and vegetables and choose local
  10. Grow your own food by planting a garden or join a community garden
  11. Carpool with friends when possible
  12. Drink more water and reduce sugary and alcoholic beverages
  13. Recycle and buy less “stuff” (minimalist living can feel very empowering and it clears your mind)
  14. Open windows in your house regularly to allow fresh air in and clear out toxins
  15. Write one to two things you are currently grateful for every morning and write a mindset for that day
  16. Schedule social time with friends and family (talk on the phone to someone close to you, it can be a different person every day or the same)
  17. Keep your house organized and make your bed every morning
  18. Turn off all electronics one hour before bedtime (do not sleep next to your phone or be sure to turn it off completely). Reducing EMF exposure is very important, especially for young kids
  19. Stretch every morning
  20. Listen to music that moves your soul and fills your heart, have an impromptu dance party!
  21. Most importantly, take time to rest and relax in order to listen to what your body needs each day.

These are just a few inspirations on how you can start living a more healthy life, today. We are excited if you are already doing a few things on the list, or maybe you have other healthy habits you do regularly that we didn’t include! We challenge you to start incorporating two to three new healthy habits into your routine. You’ll be amazed at how much these little habits can impact your overall lifestyle, mindset and the environment.