Communities for Life

When it comes to quality of life, we listen to residents and do the research. We co-create communities based on your input, and it works. You want inspiration to live a healthy lifestyle with great community culture, outdoor spaces nearby places for all your needs.

Brookfield Residential residents are more satisfied, prouder and more likely to recommend their community to others compared to the general population.

You belong in a Brookfield community.

Map of Brookfield Community in Edmonton

Community Locations

Creating the best places to call home goes beyond the high‑quality homes we build and sell to customers. Together, we build sustainable communities where people live their best lives, connect with neighbours, and take advantage of all the amenities outside their front door.

The Master-Planned Difference

Before the shovel hits the ground in a new community, Brookfield Residential along with our team of planners, engineers, and architects consider all the factors that contribute to an amazing quality of life for residents. We focus on design principles that create a thriving community and promote a healthy lifestyle – for everyone.